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Members of the Class of '83 -
Thank you for your support of this mission. Fr. Brown is working hard with the neighborhood to identify those most in need. We will let you know the official numbers as soon as possible.

The good news is that we have been told that at least one restaurant has significantly dropped their prices on meals, so it looks like our donation will go a little further than we hoped. Maybe more will follow their lead.

In response to our previous email, several of you have asked if you can contribute to this effort by either buying additional meals or replenishing our rainy day fund. Your responses were so heartwarming that you actually made Michael Varisco cry. The Board has decided that we will reactivate our PayPal and Venmo links on the website ( to accommodate any of you well-meaning and generous men of action. As a board we also promise that if you make Mike cry again, we will post video on our Facebook page provided we can maintain social distancing protocols in the effort.

If you don't like PayPal or Venmo, we will also take checks. Make your check payable to The Class of '83 Thanksgiving Drive, Inc. (with COVID-19 in the memo) and send it to our treasurer at the following address:

Class of '83 Thanksgiving Drive
306 Athania Parkway
Metairie, LA    70001

Once again, thank you.

Class of '83 Thanksgiving Drive Board


Members of the Class of '83 -

The Board of the Class of '83 Thanksgiving Drive hopes all is well with you and your families during these uncertain times. It is about these times - and with full transparency about what we do with your money - that we are reaching out to you with this missive.
It has come to Jesuit's attention that Mid-City area families are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic due to the loss of jobs caused by the shutdown. Fr. Brown, the interim president of Jesuit High School, has asked the Class of '83 Thanksgiving Drive to organize and lead volunteers to raise funds to assist the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization with providing meals for those families most in need due to unemployment or sickness.
The MCNO came up with a plan to feed the families that also helps the neighborhood restaurants. By purchasing prepared meals from the local restaurants to deliver to those in need, this effort would feed those most affected while keeping as many of the locals who still work in these establishments as cooks and servers employed during these challenging times.
The Class of '83 Thanksgiving Drive Board has unanimously agreed that this plan is a worthwhile cause and consistent with our mission. The Board has thus agreed to use our "rainy day" fund to help underwrite this endeavor. If you recall, the fund was established after Hurricane Katrina when the Board funded the entire 2005 Thanksgiving Drive with money left over from previous drives. We voted that such a fund would be prudent to establish should we find ourselves in similar circumstances in the future. All agreed that this pandemic is exactly the type of event for which the fund was created. Furthermore, we also agreed not to dip into our endowment for this one-off project.
It is because of your generosity over the years that we are in a position to do these things. For that we are very grateful.
Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any concerns, comments, or other helpful ideas.
Class of '83 Thanksgiving Drive Board

Class of 83 Thanksgiving Drive

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