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2023 Drive


Fr Brown, Mr Kernion, staff and fellow Blue Jays:

Good Morning.

My name is Dickie Dupré and I am the proud father of Tate Dupré, senior and a member of the class of 2024.  Additionally I am a Blue Jay alumnus and a graduate of the class of 1983.  Thank you for allowing me a few minutes to express appreciation for your continued dedication to the JHS Thanksgiving Drive.

As many of you know, a few graduates of the class of ‘83 started a meek campaign to provide a few turkeys to some recipients of the baskets being delivered.  What started out as a “what if” has blossomed into a “what now”.  With the hard work and generosity of my fellow classmates the “Turkey Drive” is fully endowed and will live in perpetuity enabling Blue Jays like yourselves to provide turkeys to the needy in our community for years to come.

So, instead of leaning back and watching, we are leaning in and asking how we can continue to work with the student body to enable you to live your Jesuit responsibility to be Men for Others.

Project 83 is that endeavor.  

Project 83 is a conduit to fund activities that you, Blue Jays, identify in our community that need time and support…whatever it may be, no act of service to our fellow man, woman or child is too large or small.  Think about this…the first batch of turkeys provided was a “mere” but to those families who received them it was a monumental gift.  Your identification of and action to opportunities to be of service can make a world of difference for someone.

Saints were not born saints…most did not live extraordinary lives.  They merely found ways to serve God and their fellow man thru small but consistent Holy Moments.  I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to grow in faith and service and fulfill your obligation and gift as students of Jesuit to Be Men for Others and do all things for the Greater Glory of God.

Thank You…God Bless You…and Go Jays!!



Gentlemen of the Class of ‘83 -

I hope all finds you well. Here we are mid-October and still in the mid 80s in New Orleans. It was in the mid 90s that the Class of ‘83 Thanksgiving Drive was started by some forward thinking classmates, and with your collective generosity, that venture will live in perpetuity.
In that same vein, we now look to continue our support of enabling our younger Blue Jays to be of service to the community and men for others. Project ‘83 is that venture and we look for your unselfish giving to continue this effort.
We will be reaching out over the next few weeks for your support and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing those who can attend the Turkey Night on Tuesday 11/21.
God bless each of you,

Dickie Dupré
Turkey Captain 2023

Class of 83 Thanksgiving Drive -> Project 83

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